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Smart review service for your webshop. Coming soon...


Coming soon...

RIVIO for Magento is soon to be available to all our future webshop partners who are running with Magento webshops. Development is in its last phase so in case of any questions, suggestions, feel free to get in touch directly NOW. Or follow us on Facebook to be amongst the first ones to know when the new plugin is rolled out!

Alternatively, if you're a tech-savvy webshop owner, check out RIVIO's PHP SDK, which is a convenient way to get RIVIO on your shop in case you want to start using it before the official plugin would be released, or looking for a custom solution.

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What you get by choosing RIVIO for your Magento shop:

  • Thousands of reviews at your fingertips delivered by the RIVIO FusionFilter, the one and only review sharing solution on the market;
  • Boost to your site traffic and community activities;
  • Easy setup full-service review engine with seamless integration into your webshop’s design;
  • Free starter package with numerous top quality features already added;
  • Complete automated and adjustable post purchase follow-up mechanism;
  • Extended content-management features;
  • Key site visitor and purchase analytics and cross-selling statistics for efficient sales strategy;
  • SEO optimized operation to soar on top of search results, including Google AdWords star snippet and Google Product Listing for our Magento partners for free;
  • Social integration - easy to share on Facebook, Twitter and all.